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Since September 2014, the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics has been a requirement of the new national curriculum and children are coming home from school talking about their phonics lessons.

The Wildlife Phonics Frieze has been designed as a resource for parents and teachers, so that the short phonics lesson is constantly being reinforced by seeing pictures of beautiful and fascinating animals showing the phonics in their names.

The set of three friezes is designed to be introduced to your children one frieze at a time. This ensures a learning process which is gradual and accessible, progressing from simple to complex phonics, in line with the recommended phonics programmes currently in use in schools.

And it is so much more than a phonics resource. The illustrations are stunning and will engage children and adults alike, stimulating conversation and encouraging vocabulary development. There is so much to notice, to discuss and to find out when your children are genuinely amazed by the intricate details of the colours and textures.

Oaktree Designs has had a brilliant year. We exhibited our Wildlife Phonics Frieze at Childcare Expo at Olympia in March, having invested in a bespoke stand built by exmedia of Coventry. It was a great weekend and we had lots of interest from schools, nurseries and childcare settings across the UK and beyond. Many professionals were surprised by the price of the set – a remarkably inexpensive £20.00

We believe that this frieze set is the most cost-effective phonics resource you can buy. It will impact on everyone who sees it. Imaginative teachers will use it as a spelling reference tool but also will recognise links across the curriculum. As a parent you will be opening up the world of words as well as the world of animals, creating a learning environment in a charming display.

As a purchaser of the set, you qualify for a free set of Frieze One colouring sheets to support the learning of your youngest children. For more details of this product please go to Wildlife Frieze; buy yours now from our online shop.