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"A truly inspirational frieze that combines phonic awareness with beautiful artwork.  It provides a child with the opportunity to learn their phonics in a fun and exciting way. The wall frieze is not only an educational tool but will enhance any child's bedroom."
KS 1 teacher and parent


"My three-year old son looks at his frieze every night before bed. He loves it.  He has discovered a few new animals and loves sounding out the names of the animals he knows. He now understands that words are made up of individual sounds and enjoys orally sounding out lots of other words.
A great pre-reading skill!"


"The children in my Reception class often look at the frieze together and practise what they have learnt in their phonics lessons. It makes lining up much more interesting  and educational. They have also begun discussing and sharing their knowledge of all the different animals."
KS1 teacher